SoulDating Intensive

Connecting with Love, Peace & Joyful Creation


Meet Soulmates - a celebration of the polarity of man & woman and a reminiscent journey to the power and magic of creation.

Who is this for?

This retreat is designed for conscious men and women longing for deeper engagement in partnerships and companionships, where the immense potential of polarity can unfold. If you are ready to open yourself to a partnership or companionship, delve into your soul's depths, and experience grounded connections with divine counterparts, this retreat is tailor-made for you. It's an opportunity to transform old love pain, find peace and appreciation for your past, release obstructive veils, and illuminate your soul's essence.

This event is for you if...

  • you have a desire to open yourself (again) for a partnership/companionship.
  • you wish to get in deeper contact with your own soul and other like-minded people
  • you are ready for a grounded divine couple connection 
  • you wish to transform your old love pain
  • you wish to come into peace and appreciation with your past love life
  • you wish to remove obstructive veils so that your soul essence becomes more visible and tangible
  • you prefer to walk a new love path together with like-minded people rather than alone
  • you wish to step out of old family patterns and contracts

What You'll Receive

  • a healing space of trust with soul encounters 
  • a deep experience of the potential of love in a new way 
  • a space of experience where you can consciously expand your healthy boundaries
  • innocent honesty between man & woman
  • a celebration of the polarities, the masculine-feminine energies within us and between us
  • lots of movement & dance, direct experience, little talking - instead lots of exercises with a counterpart.
  • space available to recognize and dissolve the filters & veils of old hurts, experiences, expectations, and ideas.

What we give you:

  • beautiful place with plants, animals, and beautiful beings around you.
  • the feeling of soul family 
  • a competent and attentive accompaniment of your processes 
  • protected, held, and safe framework for new encounters
  • touching heart-opening and nurturing soul contact
  • playful encounter exercises
  • a healing space of consciousness for the dissolution of obstructive projections and beliefs
  • a space of innocence in which we can be our "true self"
  • a safe space to show yourself vulnerably

"We are passionate advocates of love and magic. We live, love, and celebrate the fire and magic that burns in the polarity between men and women. We use the power of creation for our own healing and growth, as well as for our projects - that is our life's mission. Our extensive wisdom and mindful presence will guide you through a safe, lovingly held space, while the surrounding nature of the island serves as our healing partner.“
Sabine & Solomon

What ist SoulDating?

SoulDating offers a fresh and transformative approach to dating. We invite you to engage in a soulful exploration, where veils are lifted before the journey of infatuation, romanticization, and rude awakenings begins. Through gentle and benevolent exercises, we create connections that go beyond the surface, allowing us to hear and feel each other's souls and embrace vulnerability. In this space of trust, encounters unfold, revealing our true essence and dissolving old patterns that no longer serve us.

What You'll Take Home:

  • You will return home rich, fulfilled, and nourished. 
  • You will experience a new magnetism between man and woman. 
  • Your soul might attract suitable soul mates without hindering need, lack, or fears. 
  • You will have united your inner man and woman, celebrating the wedding within yourself - a union that brings inner peace and liberation.
  • You will have met courageous like-minded people.
  • If you like, you can become part of a vibrant community, a tribe, a soul family.

Date, Time & Price

Date and time:

Ort: Teneriffa


Advance payment: 500,00 €

Prices plus meals and accommodation. 


Manantial de Tara, Arafo, Teneriffa

This beautiful place is on a hill overlooking the sea and volcanoes. It serves as a place to live and for seminars.

A total of 24 places to stay and a full board are offered. It is also possible to stay overnight outside the center, but not advisable due to the seminar concept.

Getting here: each participant organizes their own flight, and the center will organize pick-up from the airport if necessary.

Accommodation & Board

Die Belegung ist mit zwei oder drei Personen zum Preis von 40 € pro Person und Nacht. Für 8 Tage sind es 280,00 €. Einzelbelegung kosten 65 € - also insgesamt 455,00 €.

Breakfast (10 €), lunch (14 €), and dinner (16 €). Individual choice of meals per day, as well as gluten-free meals, are possible. 
The full board costs 40,00 €.

Payment for accommodation and meals is made directly at the center on site, before the start of the seminar and in cash.

Cancellation policy: up to 4 weeks before the start  a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount applies. After this date there is no refund, but the possibility to name a substitute participant.

We do not assume the risk of cancellation of participants for the seminars.
If necessary, please take out appropriate insurance.